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Character pose brush kit| Photoshop and Procreate brushes


Required software: Photoshop or Procreate


Make character design and posing a breeze!


Tag me on instagram! I'd love to see what you've created!


You will receive 58 brush stamps for Procreate and Photoshop


File includes:

  • 6 arm stamps
  • 8 hand stamps
  • 16 torso stamps
  • 10 leg stamps
  • 6 feet stamps
  • 12 head stamps


How to install photoshop brushes:

  • Unzip file
  • Open Photoshop.
  • Find the .abr brush preset file on your hard drive.
  • Double click the .abr file to automatically install it into Photoshop.
  • The brush tool presets will appear in the Tool Presets panel whenever the Brush Tool is selected.


How to install procreate brush set on ipad:

  • Use a free app like FileExplorer: File Manager or iZip to unzip the file.
  • Choose open in Procreate. If this is not an option, then:
  • Open a new canvas and tap the paintbrush icon to open the Brushes panel.
  • Tap the + button above the list of brushes to import a new brush.
  • Locate the folder containing your downloaded Procreate brush sets.
  • Tap on brush set and it will load in Procreate.

Character pose brush kit| Photoshop and Procreate brushes

$8.00 Regular Price
$5.60Sale Price
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